22 November 2007


Puan Along,
Project Team 1 Department,
Project Coordination Division.

Dear Puan Along,


We wish to kindly inform that you are transferred with immediate effect. You are to report to the Senior Manager of Design Management Department or any other authorised Officer of the Company upon notification from time-to-time.

The terms and conditions of your employment shall remain as per your Letter of Offer and XXXXX XXX Sdn Bhd.'s Term and Condition of Employment.

We trust that you will continue with your level best in the discharge of duties and responsibilities in your new assignment.

Thank you.


Managing Director

Akak terkejut... mentang2 lah boss akak dah resign.. akak kena transfer kat depatment lain.. akak sedey tau... huhuhuhuhuhu..

Lain kali citer laaa... akak tak der mood...


Yat Ekhram said...

cian kak yus ku sayang..

tapi yat tau akak org plg gumbira bile tak jadi tranfer kat dept mek kelate tu kan??
ternyata jodoh masih kuat di PCD 1..:P

dah wat sujud syukur lom??hehehe..

Norwanie said...

sekarang ni dah tak sedih lagi kan. dah dapat stay kat pcd 1. best nyer!!!