28 January 2010


wah gambar saper lah pulak nih kan.. actually i want to write this posting in English.. but pardon me my grammar and my spelling. I know i have a lot of friends who is a teacher by occupation... english teacher to be exact. aku sekolah pondok jer.. kerja company melayu.. mana ada speaking London...

It is begun with one late dinner with my new baby (kuang-kuang-kuang).. this is the very first time my family and i went out together as a family.. heheheh (biarlah rahsia).. we ate at one of Thai food Restaurant at Greenwood.. Name of the restaurant is Pha Pha sea food.. being typical me enjoy talking to people surrounding me, and i made friend with one of the waiter there.. he is small person.. you can see the photo of him, soft spoken.. too soft i think but he has a very big heart...and very understanding employer.. actually this is the last week he is working as a waiter at this restaurant.. When i asked where is he will be going.. without hesitate and with a very confident voice he said he will leaving Malaysia for joining Mercy mission at Lubnan.. at this time of moment i felt so small and speechless.. how come the small person like him have the courage to go to the war field..So i asked what is the return? He said RM2k but that is nothing compared to his life..i bet he go there not because of that RM2k..He have a very pure heart.. so he will staying there for the next 9 months as a nurse assistant..

I drop my jaw down when he said it's not his first time.. previously he followed Dr Jamilah mission to somewhere i can't remember the place.. almost hit by the bomb that happened to fall next to his medical tent.. and had a broken leg...when he returned to Malaysia his employer keep accept his as waiter at this restaurant.. because they know he leaving with a big heart to help people.. I know he don't have much money to give to needed people but what he can give only his both hand to help others.. that is really huge...

till now i keep thinking what is my biggest contribution to help others.. and i shame to my self..when we leaving the restaurant he gave me a very sweet smile and asking for a prayer for him to safely return home...I will ANGAH (his name).. to you and to people like you.. (he did gave me his personal email)

P/S : I do asked Addy .. can i apply for this mission too.. and he said.. who is gonna take care of Alli.. hehehe sayang juga dia ngan aku kan.. cakap lah saper nak jaga dia nanti.. and addy very understanding me well.. when i said I'm gonna do something i will ask him until i have his permission..maybe next time is my turn..pray for me..

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rinzzzzzzz said...

kak yus.. put me in d list.. nak ikut jugakkkk!!!