01 October 2010


Happy bithday to my mom.. hari ini birthday my mom yang ke 60?..whattt 60????? hehehehe no worries u still look young to us.... in some place u even get the special rate for entrance fee or tickets..hehehehe

Anyway my mom not in the KL right now due to visit my youngest brother at Kuantan.. In fact to buy him a now bike .... How come my mom's birthday and my younger brother got the present...?

So we want to wish u a very happy day ahead.. and we pray for your health.. We love you...


Anonymous said...

We love you mom.. Akak, mak kata nak myvi pink as present..adik kata adik belikan tayar dulu..akak nak sponsor ape? Heheheheh -adik comel-

Yus said...

akak sponsor wiper dulu.. akak beli stock sampai 3 tahun.. heheheheh